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Q: What is Brio Memorials?
A. Brio Memorials is an independent funeral service that plans custom and festive, end of life commemorations through celebrations of life, living memorials, and green funerals.  Our extended scope includes: themed celebrations, destination celebrations, bucket lists, cultural traditions, rites of passage, charitable memorials, interment or crematory site celebrations, spiritual and religious celebrations. 
Q: Who are Brio Memorials?
A: Brio Memorials was started by veteran event planner, Josh Quinn. Josh has been producing events all over the world for multinational Fortune 100 companies to his favorite everyday people for more than 20 years. Josh has produced inimitable birthday affairs for Silicon Valley titans, fundraisers for San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, mentor matching for East Oakland high school students and everything in between. Born from baby boomer parents, Josh wanted to take his compassion for people to those that would appreciate a good listener, empathic mind, creative prowess and unrivaled logistic skills. He wanted to share his love of great events to help those that are terminally ill, who are about to or have recently lost a loved one and help them honor their life in a joyous way.
Q: What is a living memorial?
A: A living memorial is very similar to a life celebration in that it respectfully signifies your life and personality and celebrates your impact and accomplishments with your loved ones. But unlike a life celebration, a living memorial allows you to receive the love and remember the good times while still alive. It can be an informal remembrance ceremony at one of your favorite places or something to as pie in the sky as a parade in your honor. If you wish for your friends and loved ones to honor your memory, you can rest assured that Brio Memorials will be there to relieve some of the stress and burden. We will commit to use our expertise, creative skills and logistic prowess to produce a very special event you'll remember forever.
Q: How is Brio Memorials different from a regular funeral, funeral home or working with a funeral director?  
A: Brio Memorials is an independent agency that specializes in unique, custom end-of-life celebrations. We are not part of a funeral home chain, and we don't have a templated-prescribed-checklist of items from a cookie-cutter package in a staid, dark funeral home that you or your loved one have never stepped foot in.  We're also not beholden to a particular locale or religious site, which allows you to put our experience to work and support your end-of-life event celebrations in more capacities and a variety of locations. We work closely with funeral directors and your spiritual leaders to ensure that your memorial goes off without a hitch and your wishes are cared for you in the most respectful way.  
Q: When should I call Brio Memorials?   
A: It's never too early to give us a call.  We will keep a detailed record of your personal wishes and design a service that is unmistakably your personal style.  When the unfortunate time comes, we'll be ready with a pre-arranged program in place.  If you don't have more than just a day or two, we can support you with any of the last-minute needs.  Turning on a dime and a quick turn-around is our specialty when building and executing a matchless event.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Typically, our costs are on a percentage of the total cost of the service. Even if you have a $10,000 budget, we can support you in a producing a respectable and honoring event. Of course, there is no price on your memory or the tranquility you get from giving your loved one's peace of mind during an already stressful time.
Q: What spiritual or religious memorials do you produce?
A: We are versed in a wide variety of traditions and beliefs across a spectrum of religions and nationalities.


The planners at Brio  have a combined 30 years of planning special events  for  life's most  important moments

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