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Have you lost someone recently? We know how hard it is to lose a loved one. And how difficult it can be to say goodbye. You've got a lot on your mind, but give us a call right away at 415-800-4947. Our planning process is outlined below, so that you know what to expect.


  • First, we listen. Take how much time you need to share with us the level of support you need, kind of things you need help with how much you need or want our involvement.

  • Then, you'll share with us memories, stories, favorite things, ancedotes, true loves and maybe even some idiosyncrasies of your loved one.

  • Next we'll make a considerate determination of which resources to call upon, everything from bereavement counseling to estate planning and put you in touch with those professionals. They will have been handpicked to meet your focused needs, and they will call you. So no need to go thumbing through ads or asking 10 people for a recommendation. Our resource partners are the best in the business and their specialties vary, so you know you'll be matched with a provider that best fits your situation and needs.

  • Next we'll provide you with a top level summary of the conversation we had.

  • It's at this step that we take the tales you shared with us and design an event that is both tailored to your individual's style, and an event in which you can be proud.

  • We'll send you a one page event design for your approval and that will include details of the life celebration. We'll even include 3 dimensional drawings of the event, so that you don't need to spend the time wondering what it will look like.· Once approved, we'll make the arrangements, build and send out the invitations, contract the venue, hire and work with all the vendors; all personalized by you and for your loved one. Brio takes no public credit for the event and we can work confidentially.

  • The day before the event, we will provide you with a detailed schedule of the memorial so that you know everything has been attended to.·

  • On the day of the event, we will arrive early, set up all the details, manage all of the vendors, and produce it with precision and make sure all of your guests and the friends and family of your loved one are comfortable and can focus on remembrances and connecting with one another.

  • When the memorial is over, you'll be provided with copies of all the bespoke details, professional photos and a detailed account of the memorial for you to treasure.

Call us at 415-886-5534 or email us today.

Our Process

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