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Noone likes to talk about death, especially their own or that of a loved one.  35% of American adults over 65 don't even have a living will. Yet, death is a very big part of life and so important to discuss with your family or next of kin. Pre-planning your closing of life event puts you in control of how you will be remembered--exactly as you want it. And in many ways, keeps you present at the event because the celebration was personalized for you and by you.


If you are terminally ill or even if you have decades to live, we can support your pre-planning needs.  We'll take the time to keep detailed notes about your passions, history, loves, and the impact you've had on friends and family and securely lock them away for as long as you need.  You can rest assured that your wishes are safe.  

Relieves your family and loved ones from the burden of wondering your wishes

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